Enjoy a lifetime of smooth skin with IPL permanent hair removal at The Cutting Edge


Our new IPL treatments mean we can offer something pretty fantastic: Permanent Hair Removal. Let’s face it, underarm hair is never coming back in fashion. So why do we spend so long shaving and waxing and re-shaving and re-waxing the same spot… When in a few short treatments, you can be hair-free, forever! And it’s not just underarms either. You can get permanent hair removal almost anywhere! From legs to bikini to chin, if there is an unwanted hair, you can have it removed, permanently. By targeting the base of the hair follicles, IPL hair removal destroys unwanted hair right at its roots. Giving you effortlessly smooth skin, all the time!

Getting hair free is easy, just call us on 03 9387 8200 and you will get at least 50% off for a limited time!